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Welcome to the Presbyterian Church of Marion!

Our church was found in 1860 and we are located in Marion Center, Pennsylvania. We are dedicated to serving the Lord and spreading His word so that others may find a home with Him and our community!

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Safe and secure through the Presbyterian Foundation.

Our Mission:

Gathering Together

  • to worship, praise, and pray in God's love

  • to learn, teach, and believe in God's word

  • to serve, support, and encourage each other in God's way

Growing Stronger

  • in faith and trust in our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ

  • in care and nurture of one another in the family of faith

  • in the discovery and use of each person's spiritual gifts for the Christian Church

Reaching Further

  • into our community, our nation, and our world with God's grace

  • into darkness with the light of the gospel

  • into hurt with healing, need with help, wrong with justice

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Hightlight Videos

2023 Year in Review
2024 Ladies Day Brunch Presentation
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Join us July 14th - 18th from 6:30PM to 8:30PM at the Presbyterian Church of Marion. 

If you have kids from Pre-K to 6th grade we would love to have them join us as we make our way out to Summer Camp with God! Come for cool music, fun games, awesome snacks and Bible stories that will show us how to put our trust in God!

Pre-registration helps check-in go much faster so please feel free to use the following link to get your kiddos registered:


206 High Street, PO Box 178
Marion Center, PA 15759


(724) 397-8110


Sundays: 10:30AM


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